Eleven Dimension Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2018. The company is positioned as an innovative high-tech R&D enterprise based on scientific research, transforming production and research into a way, and contributing to society. Co-founded by a number of Xiamen University alumni engaged in scientific research, it has gathered a group of well-known domestic alumni, masters, Ph.Ds and overseas returnees who are keen on scientific research and eager to apply their wisdom and creativity to industry and life. Adhering to the scientific research model that is different from the traditional university system and operating in its unique independent research institute form, 11D aims to create a more active, free and efficient scientific research atmosphere, and to create its complete industry-university-research docking mechanism in accordance with industrial needs , In the end, we are committed to realizing production, learning and research.

Since its establishment three years ago, Eleven Dimension has successively obtained qualification certifications such as "International Joint Laboratory-Talent Training" and "Production-University-Research Transformation Project-Technology Implementation". "Material Supply Platform" has provided materials and scientific research services to thousands of scientific researchers. Products are exported to many internationally renowned universities such as the United States (UCR), Saudi Arabia (KAUST), and the United Kingdom, as well as many top domestic universities such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and University of Science and Technology of China. Has an excellent reputation in the industry.

Not only that, the “Eleven-Dimensional Nanomaterials Research Institute” under Eleven-Dimensional Technology adheres to the core ideas of Eleven-Dimensional Technology, and is determined to create a pure scientific research environment and attract people with lofty ideals who truly "love scientific research and enjoy scientific research". The research technology project is based on industrial industrialization. With the support of 11-dimensional company, every scientific researcher can make great achievements here and contribute to the transformation of production and research.


The 11-D Research Institute will become a high-tech scientific research institution focusing on the needs of both the research and industry.

Industrialization of Achievements is more difficult than Entrepreneurship. The 11-D young people are facing difficulties and nourishing the hope.

The innovation of the scientific research system, and the mature production-research transformation system are bound to accomplish a lot.