The 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Research Institute was co-founded by a number of Xiamen University alumni engaged in scientific research. It has gathered a group of well-known domestic colleges and universities who are keen on scientific research and eager to apply their wisdom and creativity to industry and life. Several returned doctors. Adhering to the scientific research model that differentiates the traditional university system and operating in the form of its unique independent research institute, 11D aims to create a more active, freer and more efficient scientific research atmosphere, and to create its complete industry-university-research docking mechanism in accordance with industrial needs. In the end, we are committed to realizing production, learning and research. Eleven Dimension is determined to create a pure scientific research environment and attract people with lofty ideals who truly "love scientific research and enjoy scientific research".

Joint Training Program

In order to enhance college students' understanding of the frontier fields of materials science, broaden their scientific horizons, and cultivate practical abilities, the 2021 undergraduate internship and joint training registration of Xiamen 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute is now officially opened.

Mainly for college students with excellent academic performance in materials science, physics and chemistry related fields across the country. During the internship, they know that the students have completed the basic training and experimental operations of two-dimensional materials. During the period, students need to obey the arrangement of the trainer and submit experiments to the instructor regularly.

It is mainly for the second-year graduate students with excellent academic performance in materials science, physics and chemistry related fields across the country. From the second to the third year, they are trained in the 11th Dimension Institute and carried out in the research group under the guidance of our instructor. Research and practice work, participate in academic activities, publish academic papers, and write dissertations.

Scientific research

  1. Two-dimensional material growth research, with mature graphene, molybdenum disulfide, tungsten diselenide, molybdenum diselenide and other transition metal sulfides (TMDs), hexagonal boron nitride and other CVD materials preparation technology.
  2. Preparation and application of two-dimensional powder materials. It has the preparation technology of layered powder materials such as graphene, molybdenum disulfide, black phosphorus and Mxene nanosheets, which can be applied to photocatalysis, sensors, supercapacitors, biomedical research, etc. field.
  3. Magnetic orientation composite preparation technology, using diamagnetic graphene, molybdenum disulfide and other nano-sheets, to maximize the optical, electrical and thermal applications of such excellent performance materials.
  4. Research on artificial intelligence automation equipment, using neural networks to realize automatic control of intelligent production and testing equipment, to achieve the optimization of material production and testing processes.